Western International Insurance Company (1980)

Western International Insurance Company protects the operations of our multinational clients through a variety of products, including reinsurance & rent-a-captive services.


Global insurance policies help protect businesses around the world from many types of claims they may face, such as property damage or cyber and data breach. Supply chains and multinational offices spanning several countries require coverage for every link in the system.

Global insurance is a necessary investment to ensure that profitability and business goals can be maintained even if a problem occurs outside the company’s home base.


A captive insurer is defined as an insurance company owned and controlled by those it covers. It not only insures the owners’ risks, but allows them to benefit from the captive’s underwriting profits. The arrangement reduces operating costs and improves cash flow, while increasing coverage that can be tailored to the company’s needs.

The captive structure is flexible and provides investment income to cover potential losses.

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Reinsurance is a shared risk proposition in which several insurance companies purchase policies from other insurers, thereby limiting any one company’s total loss in the event of a disaster or major claim.

Western thus insures clients whose coverage might be excessive if handled independently. Premium costs are shared by all companies involved, and each must be financially solvent to meet any obligations incurred.



Our responsibility is to help you navigate the myriad of complexities confronting global clients. Our ultimate goals are the protection of assets and their prudent management.


Working closely with your personal team of professional advisors, we’ll ensure a comprehensive and integrated solution to private wealth preservation and management.


Fiscal exposures may happen quickly, and we strive to mitigate those exposures for clients before they occur. Our team has the resources and experience.

Our Mission

To serve high net worth clients with professional and prudent planning in a discretionary environment.

To fulfill this mission, Western International Group comprises four subsidiary groups, each providing financial products and services to minimize fiscal  implications for our clients. The combination of services available are tailored to each client’s investment or immigration needs. We are consistent and proactive in addressing potential fiscal exposure.

International Insurance Management Corporation, Ltd.
Western International Trust Company Limited
Star Insurance Company (Cayman), Ltd.